New Final Fantasy VII Trademarks Filed By Square Enix

New Final Fantasy VII Trademarks Filed By Square Enix

It looks like Square Enix is, as one would expect, poised to go ‘all in’ on Final Fantasy VII. Following the massive success of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Japanese company has now filed three trademarks related to the IP, all of which seemingly point to either news regarding the remake series or potential spin-offs.

As revealed by Gematsu, Square Enix filed three trademarks last month, all of which were made public today. “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier” were trademarked on December 17, 2020, while the Shinra Electric Power Company logo was trademarked 5 days later on December 22nd.

Ever Crisis most similarly relates to Before Crisis and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, two of the numerous titles that make up Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The First Soldier on the other hand seems to simply reference Sephiroth, who was confirmed to be Shinra’s first SOLDIER in Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega. Given the separation in trademarking dates between the first two items and the Shinra Electric Power Company logo, the latter could be something simply related to marketing or merchandise.



New Final Fantasy VII Trademarks Filed By Square Enix

So, what does all this mean? As a big Final Fantasy nut, the writer’s own opinion is that this could point to a modern-day take on the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, with possible spin-off entries and perhaps even new movies in the vein of Advent Children being developed alongside new titles in the remake series. One likely shouldn’t expect a rehash of Dirge of Cerberus, but who wouldn’t line up to watch an animated movie of, say, the origins of Sephiroth?

The ending of the Final Fantasy VII Remake also left things open-ended in more ways than one, so between that and the fact that Kingdom Hearts’ Tetsuya Nomura is helming the series, we could be looking at a number of spin-off titles that more fully flesh out all there is to know and experience thanks to the direction the remake series is headed in.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available exclusively for the PS4.

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