New Evil Dead The Game Single-Player Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Evil Dead The Game

Since the 1980s, the video game industry become a widely accepted form of entertainment, having video games based on popular movies remaining a consistent trend for developers. One such studio that has made select game adaptations of popular movie franchises has been Saber Interactive, which recently became widely known for its World War Z game. The developer surprised many at last year’s The Game Awards with the announcement of Evil Dead The Game, an adaptation of the cult-favorite Sam Raimi films. Now, after having seen some delays, new details about the game have been revealed, particularly regarding its single-player campaign.

A new video released to the official Saber Interactive YouTube channel features a Q&A between Saber’s Chief Creative Officer Tim Willits, The Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley, and Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell. Evil Dead the Game had been previously announced for a delayed release in early 2022, partially for complications from their employees working remotely, but also so that a single-player mode could be added to the game. The game was initially expected to be multiplayer only, especially given the developer’s history of multiplayer games like World War Z. While many expected a feature-length single-player campaign, Willits now suggests that this single-player mode will consist of “a couple of side missions where you can play by yourself”.

Evil Dead

Saber Interactive stated that these single-player side missions will still maintain the game’s structure of having multiple hero characters on-screen working together as a team. How this single-player functionality will work essentially puts the characters not being controlled by the player under the control of AI bots. These bots will then help the player complete the missions. Alongside these side missions, gamers will also be able to play the multiplayer mode with bots. While it may not be the fullest extent that gamers may have wanted, it is nice that Saber is finding a way for single-player action can be found in the game. Sometimes we all just need time to ourselves to fight with our boomsticks.

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