New Castlevania Promo Art for the Upcoming Netflix Show is Definitely a Throwback

Pretty much everyone in the gaming collective, whether seasoned or newbies, was pleasantly surprised (or absolutely lost their shit like we did) when the reveal trailer appeared for the upcoming Netflix television series based on the beloved classic franchise, Castlevania. With teasers and hints along the way, a new poster rears its badass head and the new Castlevania promo art definitely has a throwback feel to the style we know and love. Check out the pretty piece below:

Castlevania promo

Fans of the NES title will instantly recognize this piece of promotional art because it looks very similar to its 1980’s counterpart. Dramatic, bright contrasting colours, and a stance that just screams “I’m here to mess you up”, here’s the comparison of the original cover art from the NES Castlevania title for reference:
Castlevania promo

The new Castlevania promo art comes from Famitsu and showcases what looks to be a Belmont with Dracula’s castle looming dauntingly in the distance. Pair that with the ferocious look on Dracula himself and the bloodied colour scheme, this latest piece of artwork just screams excitement for what is to come in the television series. It is also an amazing reassurance to veteran fans of this long-standing franchise that the series will adhere to the older characteristics that made many gamers world-wide fall in love, while still making it fresh and interesting for newer audiences.

Just a few more weeks, Castlevania fans! What do you guys think about this epic franchise coming to the popular streaming service? Netflix has been on fire with their programs, do you think this will be another win for their team? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below and tell us all about it – and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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