New Bomberman Announcement Happening Soon, Says Designer

New Bomberman Announcement

As the new video game console generation begins its infancy, video game fans have been theorizing as to what absent video game franchises might see some sort of revival on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. One such dormant franchise has been the Bomberman series, which has been minimally present in recent years in the industry, as have its sibling series like Metal Gear and Silent Hill under parent company Konami. The latest Bomberman game has been Super Bomberman R, which first released on the Nintendo Switch in 2017, but has been ported to other platforms since. Now, someone responsible for Bomberman’s design has indicated that a new Bomberman announcement should happen soon.

Super Bomberman R update

Japanese video game publication Famitsu recently talked with many Japanese creatives regarding what they hope to see and bring in 2021. One such creative interviewed was Konami’s designer Noriaki Okamura, who has mainly worked in the past with Hideo Kojima on the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Okamura also worked on Super Bomberman R, making him a new top creative for that franchise. As such, Okamura suggested Bomberman fans should keep their ears and eyes open next year, saying:

Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban!, which we released late this year, is out now and selling well! Please enjoy it during the New Year’s holiday with friends and family! There are also plans for a new announcement concerning Bomberman soon! Please look forward to it!”

Okamura does not say what the new Bomberman announcement will consist of. It could be a brand new game, or yet another port of Super Bomberman R to another platform, perhaps for next-gen consoles. It could even be something like a pachinko machine or mobile game, which Konami have gradually focused their business models towards in recent years. Whatever the announcement may end up being, it is nice to see that Konami has not given up on the little bomber that could.

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