Super Bomberman R Online Stadia Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Super Bomberman R Online Naked Snake

Releasing in 2018 as the latest from the explosive Bomberman franchise, Super Bomberman R re-introduced many players to the series’ classic maze-running gameplay for PC and consoles. With the introduction of game-streaming service Google Stadia, it looks as though a spin-off title is now almost upon us, with the battle royale-focused Super Bomberman R Online now setting up for release on September 1st.

The release date was announced with a new trailer (via Eurogamer), emphasizing the game’s battle royale mode, which supports up to 64 players at a time. Players are largely tasked with the familiar Bomberman gameplay one might be used to, fighting it out with special bomb-centric abilities to be the last player standing, a.k.a. “Bomber One.” However, there’s also the added battle royale concept to contend with, where the battlefield periodically shrinks, forcing players into close-quarter combat and to funnel into an adjacent arena filled with other remaining survivors.

The timed-Stadia-exclusive looks to have much in common with the original Super Bomberman R, including the sizeable roster of Bombers from both Bomberman as well as numerous Konami-owned series’. Past characters included the likes of Simon Belmont, Pyramid Head, Naked Snake-themed Bombers in addition to bonus console-specific inclusions such as Ratchet & Clank and Master Chief. It’s not known how many of these combatants will return for Super Bomberman R Online, but a Big Boss cameo from the spin-off’s announcement trailer suggests Konami characters will at least be making a comeback.

As for what else fans might see in the new Stadia release, the Bomberman battle royale game looks to also take advantage of the Google platform’s unique Crowd Play feature. Crowd Play was previously unveiled as a social-focused feature allowing streamers and influencers to invite members of their community to participate in a playable private match for a limited time. Super Bomberman R Online also looks to have a special Premium Edition, which gives players access to 14 bonus characters in addition to the original base game.

If springing for the $10 USD Premium Pack isn’t in the cards, Google is making it a bit easier next month as Premium Edition of Super Bomberman R Online is among the lineup of Stadia Pro freebies headed to the service in September. Also included the incoming list is assassination simulator Hitman, stealthy survival title Hello Neighbor, early access fire-fighter Embr, cyberpunk volleyball title Gunsport, and gloomy apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light Redux. Each will be available for players to claim and play at no extra charge as long as a Stadia Pro subscription is active.

Super Bomberman R Online releases for Google Stadia on September 1st.

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