Sony and Insomniac Games Release Gorgeous New 4K Spider-Man Screenshots

4K Spider-man Screenshots

The upcoming Spider-Man game being developed by Insomniac Games in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertanment is one of the big titles coming to the PlayStation 4 that players are eager for any new information on. It was only at this year’s E3 that gameplay for this new Spider-Man game was shown for the first time, and new information has been given this week at the Sony press event at Paris Games Week. Now, we also have some new 4K Spider-Man screenshots to show us how detailed the game will look when running on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The screenshots were shown by Insomniac Games and Sony during their press event at Paris Games Week, and they give confirmation that some classic Spider-Man characters and elements are indeed in the game. Peter Parker’s look outside of the Spider-Man suit is finally shown and relatively lines up with past iterations of the character. We also see him with this game’s versions of Mary Jane, who appears to be his main love interest for the game,  and Aunt May, looking somewhat younger compared to the classic comic version and Rosemary Harris portrayal of the character in the Sam Raimi films that fans are used to.


We also have a detailed image of Mister Negative and Peter’s messy apartment. The textbooks in Peter’s apartment might indicate his enrollment in college in the game. Might one Dr. Curt Connors appear in the game and become a reptilian alter ego familiar to Spidey fans? Only time and future updates on the game will tell. What do you guys think about these new 4K Spider-Man screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

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