Metro Exodus Dev Discusses Multiple Endings And How Player Choice Matters More Than Ever Before

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Many developers talk a big game in regards to choices. They offer multiple endings, but only a few mild changes separate them. The Metro franchise has been a strong example of player choices making significant impacts on already deep narratives. A new interview confirms that the upcoming Metro Exodus will further strengthen the franchise’s commitment to a truly immersive experience with legitimate consequences.

In an interview with PlayStation Universe, Huw Beynon discussed the importance of choices in Metro Exodus. The Global Brand Manager for Deep Silver went into depth on the game’s morality system and consequences to player choices. That being said, he disliked the term “morality system” and stated that things will never be that clear cut.

“It is really important that the way that system works is that those choices aren’t telegraphed up front,” he stated. “There is no prompt that says press this button to do the good thing, press this button to do the bad thing. Honestly, we don’t call it a morality system because it is not just black and white. I think it is a lot more nuanced than that. It is very subtle in the game and that’s important as we don’t want people to try and game it.”

He went on to say that the consequences, good and bad, are all about the player. Deep Silver does not believe in a correct way to play Metro Exodus and wants gamers to get their most out of their experience. In order to do so, the third installment in the franchise will offer multiple endings based on player choices.

“You play the game the way you want to play,” Beyond explained. “You can be whatever character you want to be. You can react to the world however you like. But, ultimately, there will be consequences for the choices you make. There is no right ending and there is no wrong ending. As our creative director says, ‘You will get the ending that you deserve’.”

As a diehard narrative gamer, I heartily approve of these moves. Too often do I find myself disappointed with multiple play-throughs and negligible changes to endings. I have faith Deep Silver will do right by their fans and can’t wait to check out all of Metro Exodus’ endings

After a long wait, Metro Exodus finally launches February 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a built-in photo mode. Fans can preorder the Spartan Collector’s Edition now.

Are you excited for Metro Exodus? How moral will you be while exploring the Russian wastelands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter for more gamings new!

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