Metal Gear Survive Has A Strange List As To What Can Get You Banned To Prove Its “Not A Dating Service”

Metal Gear Survive user agreement

Every title has an end-user license agreement that, unless you’re Bilbo Baggins, is most likely ignored in the pursuit of getting your game on. In Konami’s case, getting your game on is one of the finer points of their agreement. Posted on Twitter, a user shared what is a list of stringent rules from the Metal Gear Survive user agreement that prevent players from forming relationships and sharing information. Sounds normal, but they go a little bit on the extreme side.

Some of the rules are obviously important and meant to protect minors or keep users from taking advantage of the co-op platform to phish or advertise. Konami takes it one step further however, insisting that players agree not to seek out relationships with other players, even so much as insinuate that as an intention. What does this mean exactly? Below are just a few of the points detailed in the Metal Gear Survive user agreement:

  • Engage in an act that encourages or assists suicide or drug abuse, or any act leading to meetings for the purpose of sexual or obscene acts.
  • Seek a relationship with another person or act that Konami determines is made for the main purpose of causing a relationship (including relationships, acts and socializing limited to within the Content).
  • Post or ask for information that can identify or enable direct access to an individual (such as telephone number, email address, and SNS service account).
  • Campaign for Pre-election campaign, campaign or participate in politics or other similar acts.
  • Post, publish, collect or accumulate personal information of third parties (including addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, and account numbers).
  • And Much, Much more…

There are instances where it is obvious that Konami is just trying to protect their players. On the flip side, there are moments in the Metal Gear Survive user agreement that make the reader feel more like they are getting ready for an 8th-grade dance than a rousing game of “sneak around in a box”. Ultimately, before a player swipes right they may want to check the Metal Gear Survive user agreement to make sure it’s within the bounds of play.

Are the rules laid out in the Metal Gear Survive user agreement over the top? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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