Metal Gear Solid 3 Event

Metal Gear Solid 3 Event On Its Way To Metal Gear Survive

Series creator Hideo Kojima may not have a hand in the Metal Gear franchise anymore, but publisher Konami still sees fit to keep the series going with Metal Gear Survive….

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Metal Gear Survive Co-Op

Metal Gear Survive Co-Op Mission Arriving Next Month

Even without the presence of Hideo Kojima, Konami has found reason to keep the Metal Gear franchise alive with the release of Metal Gear Survive. While the game uses common…

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Metal Gear Survive user agreement

Metal Gear Survive Has A Strange List As To What Can Get You Banned To Prove Its “Not A Dating Service”

Every title has an end-user license agreement that, unless you’re Bilbo Baggins, is most likely ignored in the pursuit of getting your game on. In Konami’s case, getting your game on is…

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Metal Gear Survive Trophy List Revealed By Konami

Metal Gear Survive releases today, giving fans of the series a chance to join up together in an open world to decimate crystalline zombie-like entities known as “creatures.” With a…

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