February Manga Recommendations: Check out ‘Adu of Hades’, ‘Darwin’s Game’, and More!

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Welcome to Hoi’s Manga Recommendations Corner where every month, I’ll gather my knowledge and compile a list just for you! Despite the name, I will be recommending Korean manhwa/manhua’s as well. If you want to get technical, you can just call them graphic novels. If you’re here because boredom has struck and looking for reading suggestions – you’ve come to the right place! My preferences in manga are fairly diverse, in that I will read pretty much anything that has an interesting enough plot. Typically, I gravitate more toward action and fantasy – ones preferably with less cheese, less cliche, and more originality. In a relative sense, the more realistic it is, the better it is.

For example, when a human gets hit by a car, bleeds out, and somehow manages to survive? Or a teenager who instantly knows the answer to life-long questions and goes from plain kid to chick magnet overnight? Think about the main character of Sword Art Online, then insert negative buzzer sound here. Sorry, not the least bit interested. Let me save my ass from getting reamed by stating that Sword Art Online’s concept is dope. In fact, I’ve watched every season, but the characters though..? Get outta here with that.

While my ability to handle horror video games are restricted to cowering behind a blanket as another person plays, graphic novels more mature and explicit in nature are my ideal. Moreover, I try to read as little of the synopsis as possible. So, when discovering a new series to read, approaching them with low expectations may end up with me being pleasantly surprise! So, that’s the goal. Like my method of picking and choosing? Nah? Check out the list below either way:

Adu of Hades/Narakunoadu (ナラクノアドゥ) by Yamamoto Shin
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Tragedy

The plot centers around a demon king by the name of Adu, who sets off into the human world in an effort to attain human mortality. To achieve the mortality in which Adu desires, he must defeat the other 12 demon kings. After negotiating a deal with an angel, the protagonist must find a way to defeat them all while gradually losing his strength with each kill. His strategy – gather the strongest humans possible for each encounter and hope he doesn’t die.

Now, with most new comic interests, I typically read a very short synopsis, if at all. Packed with action early on in the manga, showcasing the main character’s agility, there was the expectation of the stereotypically invincible male protagonist. While part of that may be true and Adu’s strength is far beyond human ability, his archetypal companions distracts the reader from the unforgiving author – the scantily clad sorceress, berserker, tamer, and brute. Let’s just say that Adu of Hades typical Shonen Jump story, where all the characters live through adversity. Contrarily, I expect a lot of characters being picked off. Then again, there are only 4 released chapters, so who knows? Also, the illustrations of demons and beasts are awesome. It’s partially why I am already hooked on the series.

Currently, the translations are released by the group Kirei Cake.

Darwin’s Game (ダーウィンズゲーム) by FLIPFLOPs
Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Science Fiction

In this manga, Sudou Kaname is the main character and centers around a deadly mobile game. This one is a bit more typical of shounen and ecchi Japanese graphic novels, but the entire premise pulls you in. Strange disappearances have occurred all over Japan, but the police are left dumb-founded when they happen upon pixelated outlines of bodies. A mobile game called Darwin’s Game is the reason.

After the mysterious death and disappearance of his best friend, Sudou Kaname becomes a participant of D-game and finds himself scrambling to survive. He must learn the rules in a world where each person is in it for themselves, and killing is for sport. Based on reality, where money seems to dictate the cycle of modern life, the rewards for playing the game is enticing. The redeeming factor for this manga, aside from the sometimes merciless story line, is the character growth for the main characters. Sometimes, if the main character is male – there’s a blissful ignorance and blinding positivity that radiates from their entire being. At the same time, problematic situations always seem to work out. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Darwin’s Game.

At this time, the manga is being continued and translated by the group Kirei Cake. Previously, two other scanlation teams worked on it, but have since dropped it to pursue other interests.

Moritat (모리타트) by Sunee Lee and Seokyeong
Genre: Boys’ Love, Mystery, Psychological

A mysterious, psychological, and twisted love story between two characters – Law Chester and Jesse Brown. Both men come from rich families, growing up together and developing an odd push and pull relationship – a dilemma between inferiority and superiority complexes. The latter character lost his memory for reasons unknown. Each chapter revolves around Jesse’s attempt to recuperate memories in order to make sense of the world around him. However, amnesia is usually coupled with paranoia, anxiety, and confusion. Can Law be trusted?

The relationship between Law and Jesse, within the 45 released chapters on Lezhin, do not progress to adult content – hence the general BL (Boys’ Love) label. You’ll be gripping the edge of your desk…from the sexual tension, so if you like torturing yourself like that – there you go. You’ll love it. The manhua is also in full-color for your viewing pleasure!

Currently, it is being translated by Lezhin Comics and Peppermint Tea Translators.

What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji
Genre: Girls’ Love, Yuri, Josei, Adult/Mature

Aside from the title identical to the hit song that everybody loved and hate, What Does the Fox Say? is a lovely full-color illustration about the complexity of office work dynamics and love between professional women. The story is slow in pace, but realistic in the sense of apprehension and caution in regards to same-sex relationships between females.

The main characters are Ju Seongji, Seong Sumin, and Baek Seju (all pictured above). The central plot revolves around Seongji – a beautiful modelesque woman who joins a mobile game developing company as an administrative assistant. After joining Hello Studio, her attention is consistently fixated on her Team Manager – Seong Sumin. For a relatively asexual individual, simply uninterested in dating others, Seongji discovers what it is like to love for the first time. Of course, it isn’t easy.  Akin to many in real life, people don’t go around parading their sexuality on a daily basis, especially those with careers in a professional work environment. As the story progresses, readers find out more about each character’s past and experiences – adding more to the tangled mess that is almost inherent in romantic relationships.

Baek Seju, on the other hand, is Seong Sumin’s childhood friend and BFWB (Best Friends with Benefits). At some point, their relationship took a turn for the worst, resulting in an on-again-off-again affair. You see where I’m going with this? In other words: heartache, angry sex, regular sex, and lies!! The characters are lovable and can be frustrating at times, but seeing each of them grow from experience is part of the charm of What Does the Fox Say?

This manhua is translated by Lezhin Comics.

Alright, friends, do you like any of my manga recommendations? Have any of the selections above caught your interest? If you’re off to read them, make sure to come back and leave your thoughts in the comments section below! To stay up to date on the latest gaming news, follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Facebook and Twitter!

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