The Magic School Bus Rides Again With Adventurous New Trailer (VIDEO)

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The time has come again to be wrapped in the sweet, warm embrace of nostalgia. Netflix‘s upcoming re-imagining of classic cartoon The Magic School Bus is set to hit the road later this month. Of course, the streaming giant thought now would be a great time to release an official trailer for the series.

In the video below, new and old fans will get a taste of what’s to come in The Magic School Bus Rides Again. The animation holds a different style that kids of yesteryear are accustomed to, but the goal appears to remain intact – learn, explore, and have fun!  We are also introduced to the new Miss Fiona Felicity Frizzle(Kate McKinnon), the younger sister of the original show’s Ms. Frizzle. However, Lily Tomlin will be returning to provide the voice for our favorite eccentric teacher, now Professor Frizzle. Check out the fun new trailer below:

As can be seen in the video above, a lot of the original show’s themes will remain the same. We’ll just be getting a new cast of characters to ride along with as they traverse the world. Also, if you listened closely, you may have noticed that the updated Magic School Bus theme song is by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Of course, this is all coming at a time when remakes and reboots are usually shunned in Hollywood. They catch a lot of flack for basically pandering to audiences and not being original. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be either of those things, but rather a new adventure to enjoy with different characters. With that, we say “Bus, do your stuff!”

The Magic School Bus Rides Again is set to begin streaming on Netflix on September 22. Stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as we continue our journey, and for other related news, check out the following:

What say you, binge watchers? Will you be enjoying the new adventures with your children, or do you intend to reminisce about the good ol’ days by your lonesome? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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