Lego Dimensions Batman Movie and Knight Rider Expansions Available Now (VIDEO)

Lego Dimensions Batman Movie

In recent years, Lego has enjoyed quite the run in the gaming industry as characters from popular movies and TV shows being to join their ever expanding universe. Yesterday marked two new additions to the Lego-verse that we think fans will really enjoy. Lego Dimensions Batman Movie and Knight Rider are both available now according to publisher Warner Bros.

The Lego Dimensions Batman Movie and Knight Rider expansion comes in 3 separate packs. Fans can find the Knight Rider fun pack, Lego Batman Movie story pack, and another fun pack for Excalibur Batman. The trailer below details the latest Batman additions!

For those unfamiliar or looking for a brush-up, Lego Dimensions first arrived in the gaming world in 2015. Since then, expansions have run the gambit from The Simpsons, Gremlins, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Portal, and so much more! The game allows players to enjoy their favorite characters in many different settings depending on the story world you put them in. The Batman Movie and Knight Rider expansions are just two of many additions expected to arrive this year.

The Batman story pack is expected to provide fans with six story-driven levels that have plenty of puzzles for players to solve. The story pack comes with Minifigures Batgirl and Robin along with a Batwing you can construct yourself! Batgirl comes with a detective mode, and Robin can now transform into Nightwing (and there is lots more to the moves in this expansion as well)!

Lego Dimensions Batman Movie

The Excalibur Batman pack includes a buildable Bionic Steed and another dark knight figure that would grant players the ability to access Lego Batman Movie Adventure World and Battle Arena. With the Knight Rider pack, players get a Michael Knight Minifigure and KITT, the Iconic car from the hit TV series. These packs are promising loads more fun for fans of the game!

Until March 28th, you will only be able to find the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack as a Target exclusive, while the Knight Rider pack is a GameStop exclusive. Players will be able to get the expansion for Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStataion 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One!

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