Leaks Reveal Nintendo Switch Developer Kit Specs

Leaks have come from several sources with the Developer Kit specs for the Nintendo Switch. It is important to keep in mind that these specs do not necessarily reflect what will be in the retail version, but the news is still interesting!

We know from NVidia that their custom chip will be based on their most current GPU technology, based on an announcement made earlier this year.

Here are the specs rumored to be in the Developer Kit:


Many of these have already been confirmed, some even for retail, Including: 4GB of ram, 720p mutlitouch screen, and speculatively; the ARM/Maxwell chip.


An interesting point made by other observers is that the unit in the reveal shows air vents that the X1 Tegra chip from Nvidia does not need. There will be no fan in the unit upon retail, so the vents are unnecessary. This suggests that Nintendo is still finalizing their hardware, and what we’re seeing is the developer unity.


We wont know for sure until January 13th, but we can be certain that the Tegra chip will run circles around the X1, especially being based upon NVidia’s latest Pascal GPU architecture.

Sound off in the comments below about what you think of the latest console in the Nintendo line. Do you think it will a hit or another Wii-U flop?

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