Fan Switches it up with Nintendo Console Skin Concepts

concept switch skin

The Nintendo Switch was announced on October 20th and we showed you everything from the unveiling. Now a fellow fan of the gaming godfather has created some pretty legitimate concept skins that we are in love with! TheGrumpyCat posted some photos on Imgur of the imagined skins a few days ago and just keeps adding more and more. Everything from simple colors to intricate game designs, they have got you covered!

concept switch skin

They are even making requested skins for other people who have asked for them! There is a lot of talent here and hopefully Nintendo turns their sights on this artist for some great ideas. TheGrumpyCat even happened to mention on their Reddit, ” It would be cool to work at Nintendo. I’m looking for a full time job in graphic design at the moment.” Sounds good to me!

concept switch skins

All of us here at Don’t Feed the Gamers are completely in love with these concept Nintendo Switch skins! Every one is as unique as it is creative. With so many to choose from, which one is your favorite? Check out the gallery we made below and then let us know in the comment section which one you would choose if they were made real. The Nintendo Switch is set for release in March of 2017.

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