Rocket League: Starbase ARC World Premiere! (VIDEO)

Starbase ARC

Psyonix has brought the heat with Rocket League. It has always brought the heat, though, as it is some of the most fun around. The fantastic competitive soccer/car/arena game has been tearing it up on consoles and PC for some time, now, and it only keeps getting better. With free events, skins, new arenas, antenna toppers, different competitive modes, different game modes, hockey, basketball….seriously, the list goes on and on. However, that list will continue to go on and on, as a new arena has been announced at The Game Awards 2016! Meet Starbase ARC!

It looks like we will be traveling to space in the new Rocket League arena. The trailer opens with what appears to be a vehicle exiting the orbit of a planet at a rapid pace. Upon a closer look at the vehicle, we notice that it is one of the cars that are commonly within the game. The vehicle is the Vulcan, and it is requesting access to the ARC. Permission is granted and after the vehicle jets past the camera frame, we get to see a thing of beauty. We see what looks like an entire space vessel, not unlike one of Saturn’s rings, and it is littered with arenas. There will be no taking your talents to South Beach, gamers. We’re going to the stars on December 7!

What say you, friends? Any of you out there play Rocket League regularly? How about casually? Is it something that you get into by yourself or maybe you need a friend or two to join up with and take down the opponent? Does Starbase ARC excite you? Is this sounding a little too “test group”ish. I can assure you it is not. We just love hearing from you, so sound off in the comments! Don’t forget to keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for the absolute latest and greatest in gaming goodness!

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