Kingdom Hearts III Cut Content Discovered By Fans

Kingdom Hearts III Cut Content Discovered By Fans

Kingdom Hearts III has finally been in players’ hands for over a week now, and the experience has for the most part met the lofty expectations of most who patiently waited for the game. A significant amount of players have already completed the game and seen the secret epilogue video, which has to be downloaded separately upon the game’s first loading in a console. While still a rich experience for many, others felt something may have been missing from it. This led to some fans researching the looks at the game seen before its launch, which confirmed Kingdom Hearts III cut content not found in the final game.

Twitter users, such as EdoNinjaHD, have been pointing out content revealed throughout Kingdom Hearts III’s development. EdoNinja recalled seeing screenshots that Square Enix released years ago that depicted Sora, Donald and Goofy battling heartless in front of Yen Sid’s Tower. This of course is not present in the retail version of Kingdom Hearts III. User Shelbelby also pointed out that other screenshots released approximately the same time also showed sections of Twilight Town seen in Kingdom Hearts II that were not present in the Kingdom Hearts III version of the world.

Other users have pointed out characters present in previous games not found in Kingdom Hearts 3, such as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. It is true that Kingdom Hearts III contains fewer worlds compared to the first two core entries in the series, but these worlds are somewhat larger and more detailed than the PS2 game worlds. Given the game’s long development cycle, and the amount of resources a modern console game as dense and graphically powerful like this, it is not uncommon for pieces of content to hit the cutting room floor. Still, the game is quite amazing as is, and hopefully these fans find some satisfaction in the future DLC for the game. Fingers crossed we get A Goofy Movie world and a Powerline summon.

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