Kingdom Come Deliverance To Be Used In Teaching Medieval History Class

Kingdom Come Deliverance Being used by Czech University

Even since the earliest days of the personal computer, video games have often been utilized as educational tools of the future. Older generations might be most familiar with such titles like Oregon Trail and Math Blaster to present traditional history and math lessons in a fun and interactive way. While Kingdom Come Deliverance may be fairly accurate, some might not expect the game to be used as a tool in education, especially considering that the developers expressed their desire to polish it more. Nonetheless, it appears that Kingdom Come Deliverance will be used by Czech University in a medieval history class.

Daniel Vavra, the founder of developer Warhorse Studios, recently confirmed the news on his official Twitter account. Vavra stated that Czech University, also known as the University of Prague or Charles University, will utilize their game in a medieval history class taught at the school. This is certainly a prestigious honor for the studio and the game itself, as Czech University is the biggest and oldest university in the European nation. Many have praised the game’s historical authenticity, so any fans of the game considering enrollment there may have all the more more reason to apply.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

In the tweet, Vavra also references a controversy that some felt about the game and its lack of diversity of medieval populations. While the controversy regarding a lack of POCs in the game has mostly escaped conversations surrounding the game, it seems Vavra hasn’t completely parted ways with the fiasco. Still, this new acknowledgement from Czech University has to help ease some of those rougher feelings and fans of the game will definitely appreciate the legitimization of Kingdom Come Deliverance as a presentation of medieval history. What do you guys think about Warhorse’s IP being used in a Czech University class? Let us know in the comments below!

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