Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue Delves Into The Game’s Difficulties At Launch (VIDEO)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue

Fans of the recent hyper-realistic RPG set in medieval times are no strangers to the issues experienced during the launch of the game. While the developers are already working hard fixing issues that have arisen, it is a difficult thing to forget so easily. A new documentary, Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue, has arrived to detail the struggles the developers endured before ship and how they are overcoming them.

While there is a full documentary in the works that will follow the game from start to finish, Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue hones in on the moments before it launched and the stress that hit after release. Watch the full video yourself below:

One of the stronger points made during the Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue documentary was the issue of sales. Creative Director Daniel Vavra noted that typical games enjoy a big first week and then decline linearly, hitting around 900,000 units sold if successful. Hee reveals a difference with RPG titles in that these games have a longer lifespan and that their beginning sales can be deceiving at first. Citing Skyrim, which still sells copies after five years, he seems optimistic that their game will continue to do well:

The preorders—a month ago they weren’t all that good. We were thinking, ‘Shit!’ I asked Swen Vincke how many preorders Divinity sold, only he had Early Access, and he sold an awful lot. So I was thinking, ‘Jesus Christ, this is f**ked. We can’t match that!’ But in reality we’ve almost matched it in a couple of weeks.”

With a wildly successful Kickstarter, many people had tremendous faith and interest in the project. The ambition and scope of the game from Warhorse certainly would not come without some issues, and the Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue documentary does well to illustrate the hard work and stress that comes with producing a title of this magnitude. For those interested in checking out this game, it is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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