Microsoft Invites Valve and Nintendo to Join Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft seems to be on a crusade, of sorts, to establish Xbox One cross-platform play across all of its fellow console brethren. The company has already partnered with Nintendo to bring the feature to Switch versions of Minecraft and Rocket League, and is even in talks with Sony to include the PlayStation 4.

Ever since this summer’s unveiling of the beefed-up Xbox One X, the upgraded console has brought up comparisons to a high-end PC, prompting the question of whether Microsoft would ever pursue Xbox One cross-play with PC game company Valve. In an interview with VG24/7, Vice president of Xbox Mike Ybarra says he feels “completely open” to Valve, and anyone else interested in that type of collaboration.

“If any developer wants to have that conversation [about Xbox One cross-play]… Valve is right down the street from us, Nintendo is too – they’re like a block from us. We’re having these discussions as developers come up, and we’re completely open to that.”

Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Speaking more about their incentives behind Xbox One cross-play the VP added that it all came down to “gamer choice” and making titles “last longer” than they normally would on the platform. Ybarra added to that idea by saying players having fun on their preferred platform is just plain “better for the industry.” Ybarra brought up Rocket League developer Psyonix as one of the first games to come forward with cross-platform aspirations.

“I think Rocket League was the first developer that came to us saying ‘we want to make this onto everything’. At the time they weren’t on Switch, they are now, but they were saying let’s do this… we sat down and said absolutely, we should totally do that.”

Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Cross-Play between Xbox One and Windows 10 is already a reality for a handful of games, but a partnership with Valve’s Steam service would be an unprecedented unity between the often-divided PC and console market. What do you think? Would Valve benefit from collaborating with Microsoft, or are consoles not ready to hang with the master race? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on the Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!

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