John Wick Creator Wants To Turn Two Unlikely Games Into TV Series

John Wick Creator Wants To Turn Two Unlikely Games Into TV Series

One of the biggest new hit movie franchises to rise in the past decade has been the John Wick series. The Keanu Reeves vehicles has captivated many with its incredibly choreographed fight sequences and hyper-violent gunplay. The series has especially been popular with video game players, as the heavy combat prevalence in the films is right up the alley of fighting game enthusiasts and FPS lovers. John Wick has been brought to the world of games in Fortnite and his own John Wick Hex game, and now it seems that the John Wick creator is looking to bring two unlikely video games to life on television.

Comicbook recently interviewed John Wick creator and writer Derek Kolstad about his upcoming projects. His first priority projects coming next are remakes of the classic films A Company Man and A Map From Nowhere for New Line Cinema, as well as A Darker Shade of Magic at Sony. On the television side, funnily enough, his two big projects he is in the process of pitching are adaptations of two popular video game franchises, My Friend Pedro and Bendy and the Ink Machine.

My Friend Pedro makes some slight sense for Kolstad as the game stars a talented gunman, although it does predominantly feature him riding a skateboard and taking orders from a sentient banana. Bendy and the Ink Machine does seem like an odd choice, as it is a horror game with the aesthetics of an early 20th century black and white cartoon. These may not even be the only video game adaptations the John Wick writer is working on, as he states in regards to mentioning so many projects: “I have these Post-It notes on my computer of, ‘This is what I’m working on today.” Whichever of these projects takes the next step forward, it is safe to say that they will all put forth high-quality stories with close attention to the source material. Let’s just hope these don’t end up going the way of John Wick’s dog.

What do you guys think about this John Wick writer wanting to make television series based on My Friend Pedro and Bendy and the Ink Machine? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest John Wick news, such as John Wick 4 getting delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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