John Wick 3 is a Work in Progress, Director Teases Details on the Plot

John Wick 3 is already a work in progress and it has been that way even before the release of John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), according to film franchise director Chad Stahleski. In fact, the plans and ideas for the third movie was already on his mind since October. During an interview, Stahleski reveals some juicy details on the number 3 and his hopes to bring back some of the subtleties and “intricacies of the world”. Now, the writing team is fleshing out the details for the sequel and it has the go ahead to continue on as intended. Filming may very well start soon, but Stahleski admits that it’s a matter of organization and how quickly the different pieces of filming can come together.

Yeah — we’re currently in the middle of writing it right now,” Stahleski tells Collider. “It’s more of a how fast can we get our shit together. But I would assume that if not by the end of this year, the beginning of next year.”

It’s another detail altogether regarding whether he will be directing John Wick 3 or not. Even though his involvement with the film is dedicated, there are other projects on Stahelski’s plate as well including Highlander. Currently acting as prep director, the idea of getting behind the camera once more is enticing. Of course, there are other grand plans as well. “We want, not so much to go bigger on the third one, but to show you more of the intricacies of the world,” the director mentioned and continued.

I feel like there are all these different subtleties that I skipped over in Number Two, that I’d like to go back to on [chapter three] and show you the inner workings of different parts of New York. So rather than massive set pieces, I’d like to show you cooler and more intricate ones… I think it would be a mistake budget wise and creatively to just go big and blow up a freeway.

That’s not our gig. That’s a comic book or a Bond gig. We want to show you cool and intricate details. What are those little details in everyday life? Hopefully – we make people look at garbage collectors and cleaner vans and homeless people a little differently now.”

To reassure fans of the John Wick franchise, the narrative style will remain the same wherein Wick reveals more and more of his backstory through action. “Anyone watching can piece it together. You know he’s has some serious training. Was it military? Ehh – he kind of looks military. Where’s he from? Well – he speaks all these languages,” Stahelski teases. “We’re giving you the pieces and I think it’s always good… Hopefully in five years, you and your buddies will talk about how ‘he’s this or he’s that.’ We’ll give you a couple more pieces and let you stitch it together.”

The team also intends to have Keanu Reeves back on set as the main character. What do you think of the idea of John Wick 3? Did you enjoy chapter 2? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments in the section below or begin a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook and Twitter! For more awesome news, check out the articles below:

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