Halo Infinite Players Unlock Co-op Campaign Early With Glitch

Halo Infinite players

Halo Infinite has been available to the public for just over a week now, and fans have been delighted to see the return of Master Chief to Xbox. After facing several delays, Halo Infinite has finally given Xbox Series X users the exclusive title that makes full use of the console’s next-gen technology. Halo Infinite also saw its multiplayer mode released weeks early, to help drum up excitement for the game, though 343 Industries suggested the co-op campaign for the game would not arrive until next year. However, it seems that Halo Infinite players have used a glitch to unlock the co-op campaign.

YouTube user NobleActual was one of the Halo Infinite players able to unlock the game’s co-op campaign early on Xbox Series X/S. As evidenced by a video on his Twitter account, he was able to share footage of him playing the game’s co-op mode locally with two controllers. The players in the split-screen footage only crouch and move slightly, so it is possible NobleActual was controlling both players himself. To unlock the co-op mode, NobleActual gives the following steps:

  1. Set Halo Infinite status to offline
  2. Connect second Xbox controller and sign into an account
  3. Start campaign with first controller
  4. When in the game, hit start and back out.
  5. Hit start with the second controller and join the fireteam as the second player.

While this should work, Halo Infinite players should know that the co-op mode has some limitations and risks at this point. The second player will not have a HUD and various graphical features like the lighting systems will not be fully functioning. Accessing the co-op mode now might also corrupt some save files, and it is not available on PC or through online co-op. Still, for friends looking to play Halo Infinite together, it’s pretty cool to see that players can break through. Hopefully the fully polished mood is fully restored, like a refreshed Master Chief after taking several needler rounds to the gut.

What do you guys think about the Halo Infinite players unlocking the co-op campaign early with a glitch? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Halo news, such as the first trailer for the live-action Halo television series for Paramount Plus, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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