Guardians Of The Galaxy Story Trailer Reveals Antagonists, Cosmo The Spacedog

Guardians of the Galaxy Story trailer

Marvel has firmly established themselves as one of the biggest intellectual properties in multimedia, and their reach in the video game industry has only grown in recent years. Some of the most proficient game development studios like Insomniac Games have taken big bets on Marvel characters, and have been rewarded with much success. Square Enix has especially taken a liking to publishing Marvel games, first with their Marvel’s Avengers game, and now their Guardians of the Galaxy game revealed earlier this year. Now, a new Guardians of the Galaxy story trailer reveals more story elements and characters that will be in the game.

Eidos Montreal has released their new Guardians of the Galaxy story trailer on their official YouTube channel. The trailer reveals that the main antagonist faction for the game will be the Universal Church of Truth, who seek to return the galaxy back to how it was before the Galactic War. The Church appears to act more like a cult, with their followers seen performing a ritual that transfers energy. Some gameplay in shown in the trailer, both of Star-Lord on foot and him behind the control of his trusty ship, The Milano.

Guardians of the Galaxy Clip

The Guardians of the Galaxy story trailer also reveals the inclusion of Cosmo the Spacedog, who is seen now as the head of security of Knowhere. In the trailer, Cosmo can speak telepathically with a Russian accent, which is fitting given his origins. Also shown is Worldmind, the supercomputer consisting of the collective conscious of the Xandar people that leads the Nova Corps space militia. Other familiar Guardians characters are seen, including Mantis and Kammy the space alpaca. Guardians of the Galaxy is set to release on October 26th this year, and we can’t wait to see this take on the gang to remind us of why We Are Groot.

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