GoldenEye 007 Fan Remake Footage Looks Face-Slapping Good (VIDEO)

GoldenEye 007 fan remake

As nostalgia for the 90s begins to reach a plateau lately, the classic games of the decade have been finding their own deserved comeuppance lately. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening recently saw an official remake from Nintendo for the Switch, and a Turok remake also recently surfaced. GoldenEye 007 is probably one of the most fondly remembered games from the Nintendo 64, and has even been referenced on shows like Family Guy. While an official remake seems unlikely, one 3D artist has sought to lovingly craft a GoldenEye fan remake. A new gameplay video has been released, and the project looks quite stunning.

3D artist Ben Colclough recently shared a gameplay trailer for his remake on his official YouTube channel. The trailer shows the beginning of the iconic Silo level from the original game, leading up to the satellite room. The updated graphics make the locations and enemies look real, but still feels very much like the original GoldenEye. Many details are maintained, even down to incapacitated guards that drop key cards.

The GoldenEye remake gameplay trailer also caught the attention of David Doak, who worked on the original GoldenEye game and had an NPC character in the game named after him. Doak took the time to share the trailer on Twitter and call it “Kyrgyztantastic!” The remake certainly seems to be coming along nicely, and hopefully it meets its planned release of August 2022, when it would be as golden as the golden gun.

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