Giant, Life-Size Ditto Plushies Are Real and Available for Purchase!

In recent news, Don’t Feed the Gamers shared Niantic’s latest addition to the list of Pokémon that players can catch. It is the long awaited, highly anticipated – Ditto! The gelatinous blob that can morph into any other Pokémon. Now, you have your very own life-sized Ditto in the sanctuary of your own personal dwelling. What do I mean by life-sized? Well, according to the Pokédex, Ditto is about one foot tall (0.30 m), and just under nine pounds – 8.8 lbs (4.0 g) to be exact. And the Japanese release falls just short of those statistics. Oh yeah. It is ginormous.

As of right now, however, this specific one is only available for pre-order. Due to the overwhelming popularity, this soft bean-bag looking plushie sold out very quickly since it first sold in August of this year. Hear me out, though! There is an equivalent available for purchase for those residing in the United States. It just happens to be not as jumbo-sized. Bummer. What happened to the bigger the better? Especially for cuddly collectibles!?

Here is the size-comparison, for those curious (in metric and non-metric measurements for your viewing pleasure):

超ビッグサイズもっちりぬいぐるみ メタモン (Super, big size Metamon plushie)

  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 25.6 x 25.6 inches (43 x 65 x 65 centimetres)
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds (3,750 grams)
  • Price: 116.00 USD (approx.)
  • Made in Philippines

ditto plushie pokemon


Sleeping Poké Plush (Ditto)

  • Dimensions: 17  x 10 x 9 inches (43 x 25 x 23 centimetres)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Price: 42.99 USD
  • Made in China

ditto-plush-3If you didn’t already know, Metamon and Ditto are one in the same. Ditto is the name for it outside of Japan. As you can see, the price difference is huge! This is probably a matter regarding the material quality and type, as well as size and weight. While no weight is specified for the US version, I presume it is nowhere near as hefty as the Japanese release.

What do you think, gamers? Are you going to buy the plushie? Personally, I would get the Japanese version, but that’s also because I have friends living in Japan. It gets a wee bit expensive with shipping though. If there’s anything you would like to say, or let us know, leave a message in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you.

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