Game Developer Presents Girlfriend with Custom Video Game Proposal

In the age of the nerd the idea of romance expands beyond the candle lit dinner and rose petal paths. We are seeing more and more creative ways to pop the question to our player two. With fandom woven grand gestures of love in the form of a cosplay proposal at convention, to “I choose you” Pokeball ring boxes, the expression of nerd love is all together touching and rife with references.

One such nerd went above and beyond for his girlfriend when he spent about 100 hours working on a game he called Lolo’s Bizarre Adventure. Covington Kentucky resident and game developer Austin Piech asked his girlfriend Lauren Woodrick to test the game on his laptop in their living room. His side-scroller was peppered with meaningful moments from their relationship, including a level based on their first date, when they first swapped numbers at a beer and goat festival, and even their first road trip to Indiana where Austin’s home town is.

The video above shows Lauren playing through a few of the levels, finding some of them even challenging. In one moment she panics as she discovers that her character can’t breathe under water, and subsequently drowns. The build up to the proposal, with text added by Austin afterwards, is absolutely adorable.

Video Game Proposal

The finishing touch is probably one of the more endearing moments of the game, as she finds herself in the final level where a mariachi band are playing a song called “Nosotros” (Meaning “We” in Spanish). The importance comes from a moment 60 years earlier when Austin’s grandfather proposed to his grandmother using the same same song played by mariachis. The touch of tradition and basis of levels on their fondest memories makes this nerdy proposal as personal as it is sweet.

The story has been making the rounds again on Reddit, but it’s always worth noting the moments that remind us how much we love the special nerds in our lives. and what nerdy heights we’re willing to go to for them! If you want to see more you can check Austin’s Imgur gallery here!

What do you think of Austins game proposal? Do you have a nerdy proposal story? Sound off in the comments below!

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