Ghost Recon Wildlands Splinter Cell Event Details Released By Ubisoft

Last week, Ubisoft dropped a teaser that something Splinter Cell-related would be coming to their Bolivian open-world shooter Wildlands. Fans of the other Tom Clancy series were thrilled to hear Sam Fisher once more, though details other than the teaser trailer were scarce. Now Ubisoft has released what fans can expect with Special Operation 1 featuring everyone’s favourite operative.

The event itself will be going live on April 10th and it will be the first big update since Year 2 kicked off. Here’s what the team over at Ubisoft had to say about Sam Fisher’s grand debut:

“Call the Ghosts: Sam Fisher is coming to the Wildlands! A rogue CIA agent has come to Bolivia to sell top-secret Intel to the Santa Blanca, and it is your mission to help Sam stop him. Head over to La Cruz to take on this high-risk infiltration challenge: Fisher’s waiting for you.

We have a new mode for Ghost War: Sabotage. One team has to capture and hold an objective before the timer runs out, while the defending team tries to stop them. This mode also comes with five new maps.

Being a part of Sam Fisher’s 4th Echelon team, the new Echelon Assault Class has access to the SC-4000 Assault Rifle, Proximity Mines and a Sonar Pulse ability that allows him to see enemies behind walls at a short-range distance. So watch out, Ghosts, the Echelon has arrived on the battleground.”

  • AI Teammate Customization is now available for our Campaign Mode, meaning you can now change your team’s outfits to meet your liking.
  • Our Year 2 Pass grants you early access to all Year 2 Ghost War Classes, and comes with the Splinter Cell Equipment Pack (including the SC-4000 Assault Rifle, Karambit Knife CQC, night Vision Goggles and much more) and 8 Battles Crates.
  • Free Play Weekend kicks off on April 12th – 15
    • All campaign and Ghost War content will be available

We’re definitely excited to see Sam once more, even if it’s just in this capacity. Year 2 seems to be off to an incredibly strong start thus far, and we can’t wait to see what else ravages the fictional area set within Bolivia as time continues on in the Wildlands.

What are your thoughts so far on the upcoming event? What would you like to see the team at Ubisoft incorporate in the future? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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