Genshin Impact Ganyu Character Trailer And Abilities Revealed (VIDEO)

Genshin Impact Ganyu Character Trailer And Abilities Revealed (VIDEO)

Genshin Impact fans are already off to an exciting start this year with the recent release of the new Dragonspire area and the game’s latest Geo character, Albedo. The excitement doesn’t stop there as plenty of new characters will be released over the coming months, the most recent of which is Ganyu, a max rarity Cryo archer that just so happens to be a demi-god.

Genshin Impact Ganyu Character Trailer And Abilities Revealed (VIDEO)

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo recently took to YouTube to show off the character trailer for Ganyu, the Cryo archer releasing in just a few days’ time. Titled “Ganyu: A Night in Liyue Harbor,” the trailer is narrated by Ganyu as she takes you for a walk through Liyue at night, spilling its secrets in the hopes of, well, getting you to work overtime with her. “106,327 heartbeats, the time that has passed since I last knew rest.” Relatable, wouldn’t you say? Check out the trailer below:

As for Ganyu’s abilities, she operates as a normal archer with a rapid-fire primary attack and a charge attack that imbues her arrowheads with the power of ice. Her Trail of the Qilin ability lets her backstep while leaving behind a taunt object (not dissimilar to Amber’s Baron Bunny), while her Elemental Burst ability Celestial Shower does consistent AOE Cryo damage while active. Here’s her full ability breakdown:

Normal attack: Liutian Archery

  • Normal Attack: Perform up to 6 consecutive shots with a bow.
  • Charged Attack: Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, an icy aura will accumulate on the arrowhead before the arrow is fired. Has different effects based on how long the energy has been charged:
    • Charge Level 1: Fires off an icy arrow that deals Cryo DMG.
    • Charge Level 2: Fires off a Frostflake Arrow that deals Cryo DMG.
      • The Frostflake Arrow blooms after hitting its target, dealing AoE DMG.
  • Plunging Attack: Ganyu fires a flurry of arrows in mid-air then strikes the ground below, dealing AoE damage.

Elemental Skill:  Trial Of The Qilin

Leaving a single Ice Lotus behind, Ganyu dashes backward, shunning all impurity and dealing AoE Cryo DMG. The Ice Lotus continuously taunts surrounding opponents, attracting them to attack it. Its endurance scales based on Ganyu’s Max HP, and it blooms profusely when destroyed or once its duration ends, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.

Elemental Burst: Celestial Shower

Coaleesces atmospheric frost and snow to summon a Sacred Cryo Pearl that exorcizes evil. While active, the Sacred Cryo Pearl will continuously rain down shards of ice, striking opponents within its AoE and dealing Cryo DMG.

Ganyu will be releasing on January 12, 2021. Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PS4, and Android & iOS.

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