E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer for Monster Hunter World Looks Epic! (VIDEO)

Monster Hunter World

President and CEO of Sony Shawn Layden personally introduced a gameplay trailer for the newest game in the Monster Hunter series at E3 2017. Monster Hunter World is set to release early next year for PlayStation 4 and it looks amazing! Watch the protagonist explore a world filled with lush jungles and dinosaur type creatures, who are pretty terrifying and can apparently breathe fire, while he purposely antagonizes them for kicks below! There’s even a part where you see him camouflage himself with leaves and sneak right past a giant dinosaur – now that’s pretty nifty!

This marks the first Monster Hunter game developed by Capcom for a Sony console in years. The series had gained a huge fanbase after the PlayStation Portable games came out, but more recently has only been seen on Nintendo handhelds instead. Now, fans of the franchise get to experience Monster Hunter World with the beautiful graphics that come on the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a release on any other platform. Although this trailer did not give us much info on the title, more information is bound to come to light soon.

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