Former Dragon Age Writer Reveals New Musical Adventure (VIDEO)

former dragon age writer musical adventure game chorus

Romance, music, and adventure – that’s what Chorus: An Adventure Musical is all about. Former Dragon Age writer and BioWare lead writer David Gaider has teamed up with numerous veterans across the industry to bring a new and original game into the scene. Inspired by the likes of Buffy: Once More With Feeling, Dream Daddy, and even the Dragon Age series itself, Chorus is an adventure game that mashes together various genres with music. Check out the hilarious trailer below to catch a glimpse into its conception:

Gaider is collaborating with Australian developer Liam Esler, who was formerly Beamdog and Obsidian dev, and the two are creating a game with renown names such as the award-winning composer Austin Wintory, actor Troy Baker, and actress Laura Bailey. Despite the unassuming title, Chorus fuses together the modern world with encounters with gods, tragedy, murder, and romance. Knowing that behind the characters there sits a former Dragon Age writer, there’s no doubt that the story will be compelling, the characters intriguing, and full of twists and turns.

Chorus is “one part narrative-driven adventure and one part interactive musical,” wherein players assume the role of Grace and dive head-first into a world of mythical beings. It’s up to the newfound powers blessed upon you to prove yourself innocent of murder before it’s too late. It’s not a traditional adventure game where players shoot down or slash enemies, but there’s strategy and choice involved that affects the direction of your experience. According to their official Fig crowdfunding page, one part reads:

With CHORUS, combat isn’t about hitting stuff—you play as Grace, who must navigate through a treacherous new world with the power of music. Assuming the role of the Muse, Grace relies on her ability to draw others into song. When someone is caught up in the melody, they may change their mind, confess to a crime… or even fall in love. It is up to you, and the direction you decide to take.”

Summerfall is the independent studio behind the dreams of Chorus and brings in the talent of executive producer Elie Young, Benjamin Ee as art director, and Elizabeth Blythe alongside the other aforementioned talents like Baker, Wintory, and Bailey. With former Dragon Age writer Gaider to lead character development, it’s going to be one hell of a ride! To support the development of Chorus, head on over to their Fig page. You already know we at DFTG are on it!

What do you think about a former Dragon Age writer creating a musical adventure game? Does the premise intrigue you or would you rather see Dragon Age 4 already? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming and entertainment news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

Chorus: An Adventure Musical is expected to go live Q4 2021.

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