Final Fantasy VII Remake Breaks Down The New Materia System

Final Fantasy VII Remake Breaks Down The New Materia System

With the first entry in what will end up being a series of Final Fantasy VII Remake games arriving in less than five months, Square Enix is continuing to build hype for the upcoming launch by giving us sneak peeks into the title’s combat system. Last month at Tokyo Game Show the developer revealed some interesting details regarding Summoning, confirming that Shiva, Ifrit, and the others will all stick around and battle alongside the characters for a little while before disengaging. Now it appears that the focus has turned to Materia, with Square Enix offering up some tidbits about how the new system will work.

Square Enix recently took to the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter to dispense some information about the types of Materia players will be able to utilize within the game. According to the developer, there will be new types of Materia that players will be able to find in the remake, some of which can be used to add elemental damage to Cloud’s weapon, a feature that wasn’t available in the original title. This will of course come in handy depending on the enemies the party is facing, and given how many machines the team will be up against in Midgar, Thunder elemental damage will likely be your best friend.

Players will also be able to come up with some unique Materia combinations via the link system that will likely reward those willing to experiment a little. Even something as simple as putting an Elemental Materia + Fire Materia onto an armor slot when going up against an opponent that likes to deal out fire damage should make the battles much easier. While we likely won’t find things like Mime in the remake, at least Square Enix is keeping things fresh for those looking to get some decent replay value out of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on March 3, 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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