Final Fantasy XV Comrades Expansion Will Bring New Gameplay Quests (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy XV comrades

One of the more lauded aspects of Final Fantasy XV has been the camaraderie between the story’s four main characters. Noctis’ dynamic with his traveling companions and their conversations with each other made a group of friends that players would want to follow in their adventure. Given this, many have been hoping for a multiplayer co-op mode in the game that real life player could share with their friends. It came as a relief this year when the new Final Fantasy XV Comrades was announced, which would bring co-op play to the game. Now, we also know about new gameplay quests that this expansion will bring.

New gameplay footage from the new Comrades expansion was previewed at Tokyo Game Show this past week, showing new quests available for co-op play, and has been shared on Giuseppe’s Gaming YouTube channel. The expansion will allow players to create their own avatar, who will also be a surviving member of the Kingsglaive elite force tasked with a special investigative mission. The clip, which can be seen above, also reveals that a new King Behemoth boss battle will be included. Hopefully, players who fought the beast alone in the main game might find it easier with real player companions.

For those less interested in having a co-op experience, the addition will also have quests that can be completed as a single player. Comrades arrives to Final Fantasy XV later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 31st. What do you guys think about the new Final Fantasy XV Comrades footage? Let us know in the comments below!

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