Far Cry: New Dawn Shows Off A Familiar Face In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Far Cry New Dawn Pastor Jerome

Ubisoft teased news of the next Far Cry title leading up to the Game Awards, then delivered a spellbinding trailer. The franchise’s next installment, Far Cry: New Dawn, arrives in less than two months, and details are starting to emerge. Today, they showed off six minutes of gameplay, which included a familiar face in the series.

Over on IGN, Ubisoft released an action-packed video of in-game footage. The combat maintains the franchise’s standards, but the weapons look unique and fit the game’s motif. Far Cry: New Dawn is going full Mad Max with some amazing guns, which fit the title’s post-apocalyptic world. We can’t wait to see what other sorts of artillery Ubisoft has in store for players.

If the setting feels oddly familiar, that’s because you played Far Cry 5. Yes, New Dawn is the direct sequel to its predecessor and puts players back in Hope County, Montana. As such, familiar faces should be around to lend a hand or put you in harms way. In the trailer, we meet an old friend and save him from a squad of villains. Pastor Jerome Jeffries became a fan favorite in Far Cry 5, so fans must be overjoyed that he survived the nuclear explosions. If I’d have put money on which of the game’s characters survived an atomic bomb, the good Reverend would have been near the top of the list.

Jerome’s appearance immediately sparked speculation about which other characters would be milling around Montana 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5. Joseph Seed figures to make an appearance. It’s hard to imagine Hope County without his toxic influence spreading discontent throughout the land. Dutch is almost certainly fighting the good fight from his bunker, too.

Sadly, the goodest boy Boomer went to the Great Dog Park in the Sky, but trailers indicate that other pups will be on hand to fetch weapons and tear up enemies. Perhaps Boomer reproduced and you have a whole litter of new dogs to assist in your quest to save the land you love. One can dream.

Here’s how Ubisoft describes their upcoming game:

“Dive into a transformed, vibrant, post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe. Lead the fight against the Highwaymen as they seek to take over the last remaining resources in the latest installment of Far Cry.”

Far Cry: New Dawn launches February 15, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Are you happy for the return of Paster Jerome? Who else do you think will make an appearance? Give us your top picks in the comments below! And for more gaming news and updates, follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to speed!

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