Fallout 76 Will Have Fast Travel, Features To Protect Lower Level Players

Fallout 76

Little by little, more of all of the various aspects that Fallout 76 will consist of are being revealed by Bethesda. In the weeks that have followed Bethesda’s announcement of the game, various interviews with and statements by the development team have given a great introductory look at the game, both for its single player and multiplayer. However, many have still been wondering if features from online multiplayer games of its caliber would be in the game, namely fast travel. Now, Bethesda’s Todd Howard has provided some comments on several Fallout 76 inclusions, including fast travel and PvP features.

Bethesda legend Todd Howard was recently interviewed by multiplayer.it and disclosed some interesting news about the new Fallout game. When the interviewer asked Howard for information regarding the presence of fast travel in the game, he simply responded with an affirmitive “Yes.” Howard decidedly holds the rest of his cards about the feature close to his chest, thus he is not pressed for further detail.

Given the map size of the new game, over 4x the size of Fallout 4, it would certainly make sense for a fast travel feature to be implemented, though it remains to be seen if it will have any restrictions on location or frequency of use to prevent abuse from players. This would definitely make traveling in the game less tedious, but some could use it to escape other players during combat.

The interviewer also brought up PvP, to which Todd confirmed that right now the game has in place a system that will let players under level 5 learn the ropes of the game without getting killed. However, he did mention that this feature could be revamped by the final build of the game. Still, considering the greater prevalence of other players in this game compared to other titles and their ability to supposedly roam a map freely, this would certainly help newer players grow accustomed to PvP. While this interview is an odd place for Bethesda to reveal these features from the game, there are definitely fans out there who would welcome these features with open Pip-boy covered arms. What do you guys think about fast travel being in Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments below!

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