Humorous Fallout 4 Hacking B-Roll found in CNN News Report (VIDEO)

While we try to keep politics out of our games and news, sometimes the news brings politics to our games. The issue in the gaming world is non-existent, though there is some humor in the moment as it occurred. The instance occurred in a report made by CNN on December 29th, 2016. The last thing anyone expected to see was Fallout 4 hacking code.

The report is about the American President, Barak Obama, and his stance on the current alleged hacking of the Democratic National Convention by Russia. The funny part is that during the report, news casters inserted b-roll footage to represent someone hacking a computer. A few ticky tacks of the key board and some ominous lines of glowing green code later and boom! But the lines of code are actually Fallout 4 hacking code from a puzzle in the game.

Fallout 4 hacking

First noticed by Redditor Poofylicious, the screen grab has since gone a bit viral. CNN has not commented on the use of a Fallout 4 hacking b-roll, however they did remove the image from the videos on their website. The image is still available on their Youtube video, and we have taken the liberty of skipping the non gaming related stuff so you could get right to the few seconds of Fallout 4 hacking code you want to see! After 1:04 the image is gone, but you get a pretty clear idea of what you’re looking at.

Fallout 4 is an incredibly popular post-apocalyptic RPG developed by Bethesda Softworks, who also develops the Elder Scrolls franchise. This open world game, set in Boston, MA, has a wide variety of features set into their mechanics. Among them is the ability to hack computers and use them to open doors among other things.

While computers are certainly not hacked by Pip-Boy light, a few seconds of the image as seen in the video is supposed to be convincing, and to the untrained eye, or those unfamiliar with Fallout, it might legitimate if you squint hard enough. Whether this was an error, or a hilarious slip in by a clever intern, we’re glad for the laugh amid all the depressing, upsetting, or otherwise tense news out there. It certainly serves as a reminder to take things a little lightly, and play more Fallout 4!

What do you think of the Fallout 4 hacking b-roll slip? Sound off in the comments below!

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