Edgar Wright Finally Reveals His Reason for Leaving the Ant-Man Film

When screenplay writer Edgar Wright left the movie Ant-Man over “creative differences”, many fans wondered what exactly happened and Wright didn’t give a whole lot of details of the situation. Wright finally fessed up while promoting his latest movie Baby Driver on Variety’s Playback podcast. He tried to be polite in his explanation and seems truly sad about what happened between himself and Marvel.

I think the most diplomatic answer is I wanted to make a Marvel movie but I don’t think they really wanted to make an Edgar Wright movie. It was a really heartbreaking decision to have to walk away after having worked on it for so long, because me and Joe Cornish in some form—it’s funny some people say, ‘Oh they’ve been working on it for eight years’ and that was somewhat true, but in that time I had made three movies so it wasn’t like I was working on it full time. But after The World’s End I did work on it for like a year, I was gonna make the movie.”

Wright also says that this all happened when Marvel decided they wanted to make a whole new draft of Ant-Man without him and Cornish. He explains that, “Suddenly becoming a director for hire on it, you’re sort of less emotionally invested and you start to wonder why you’re there, really.” Peyton Reed ended up taking over the film and it’s sequel – Ant-Man and the Wasp. Both of them were credited on the final film, despite it being unclear how much of their original script remained.


Now, Wright seems OK with it all since the whole thing gave him the opportunity to make his new film Baby Driver. Additionally, he felt the need to make this new movie in order to help out the crew that ended up leaving with him.

The good thing that came out of it is, I got to kind of move on to [Baby Driver], which was a script that I had already written…And the other important thing for me is almost the entirety of my crew who were gonna do that movie sort of left in solidarity. So it was really important to me to get another film going so I could kind of re-employ them all.”

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