Artist Re-Imagines Dragon Age Characters in Beautiful Japanese Ukiyo-e Style (GALLERY)

For those that have followed us for awhile know that the series that will forever have my heart is that of my beloved Dragon Age. From the books, comics, movies, games, collectibles – I want it all. When I stumbled across the insanely talented artist Dakkun39 on Tumblr, I was immediately in awe of their talent. When I came across their amazing Dragon Age work … well, it was love at first digital paint stroke.

Dakkun39 re-imagined some amazing characters from BioWare’s fantasy RPG in the breathtaking art style known as Ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese art form that became a phenomenon from the 17th century until the 19th century. This incredible art form saw artists utilising woodblocks to portray everything from folk tales, to stunning landscapes, even erotica. There is so much to this style that deserves respect and this Tumblr artist gave a beautiful nod in the most epic way for this BioWare fan girl. Take a look at the gallery below how they imagined these Dragon Age characters in the traditional Ukikyo-e style:

You can click on the images to make them larger, but the detail and stylization seen in these characterizations is such a treat. To see infamous characters from the first two games, even Duncan and Loghain, in this form is outstanding. Artists, cosplayers, crafters – the gaming community is filled with talented people doing what they love to showcase their own passion within a certain fandom. If you are interested in seeing more from Dakkun39, please support the artist by following their site right here. 

Do you have a favourite artist you’d like to see featured? Feel free to share them with us for a chance at sharing their work! You can also talk about your favourite fandoms in some of our amazing online communities such as our Facebook, Twitter – Even Discord.

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