New DOOM Nintendo Switch Update Bringing Audio, Menu, And Other Fixes

An upcoming DOOM Nintendo Switch update is on the way and with it will be numerous fixes to audio, menu, and other frequent issues reported by players. Compared to its other console and also PC counterparts, the port to the hybrid platform began with a rather bumpy start. While it was a welcome addition to the blood, gore, and fun, players had issues with several gameplay features.

According to feedback from the community, there have been issues with gameplay and user interface oddities in general – from blurry text to graphics that just aren’t up to snuff. One of the most frequently requested fixes has to do with audio. Safe to say, id Software and Panic Button have been listening and they’re here to bring good news:

Though a date wasn’t verified for the incoming update, the full patch notes will be revealed soon. Seeing as these issues are experienced by more than just a handful of players, it’s likely to arrive sooner than later. A Nintendo Switch version for DOOM was a highly requested addition by gamers. Since it isn’t feasible for most to buy every console available, ports are always a welcome additions. Despite that, bugs and issues can still be frustrating when enjoying the mow down of demonic creatures.

People just want to get back to slaughtering demons. Who can blame them? What issues have you been experiencing the most with the DOOM Nintendo Switch port? Let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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