Boyd Holbrook Joins the Cast of the Last Wolverine Movie “Logan”

The character Donald Pierce may not immediately ring a bell, but the internet is buzzing about him in a big way. From the looks of it, this villain has it out for mutants in a big way.


Having founded a group of cyborgs that hunt and kill mutants, his involvement in the upcoming third installment to the Wolverine franchise, simply titled “Logan”, suggests that we’re in for some serious grit to send off Hugh Jackman.

Filling these shoes is none other than Boyd Holbrook, who you may recognize from his role in the Netflix Original Series “Narcos” (now moving towards it’s 3rd season). If you’re not quite convinced, you may want to take a look at this photo from the film’s Instagram account:

With the expected R-Rating, the film promises to deliver on some of the more violent aspects of the character and his story. Based on the Graphic Novel “Old Man Logan”, and directed by James Mangold, this film will be different and gritty in its approach as compared to previous installments.

While this is Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, he still seems to have all the enthusiasm of someone who intends to play the character for a long time! One thing’s for sure, what ever comes of this new film, it’s bound to be what fans have been hoping for from the franchise since the first films was released!


Logan is set to Debut March 3rd 2017! Are you excited for the film and the new developments? Let us know in the comments below!


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