Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Rinoa Heartily Revealed As Next DLC Character (VIDEO)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Rinoa Heartily Revealed As Next DLC Character (VIDEO)

With FFVI’s Locke having joined the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster this past June, fans of the Final Fantasy brawler have been wondering these past few months who Square Enix would reveal as the 3rd DLC character for the game. Square Enix had previously revealed that character #3 would be a female from the latter half of the games. Back when Locke was revealed, we guessed that it would be Rinoa Heartily, from Final Fantasy VIII. Well, it looks like we were right, as Square Enix has revealed today that the reluctant sorceress will be making her way to the game this coming August. Check out Rinoa’s gameplay trailer below:

Rinoa’s gameplay can be split up into two very distinctive phases. The first phase is her normal form, where she uses a blend of ranged pinwheel attacks and her dog, Angelo, not unlike her gameplay in FF8. Rinoa takes things up a notch when she activates her “Angel Wing” mode, which temporarily gives her wings and provides her with access to a wide array of spells, just without that pesky ‘magic berserk’ status that is inflicted on her in her original game.

With Rinoa having officially been announced as the next Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC character, all eyes are now on the as-yet unannounced 4th DLC character. Square Enix has previously stated that character #4 would be a male from the latter half of the series, and with the game currently lacking a Final Fantasy XV villain, Ardyn could easily fill that role. Other potential picks include Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII, and Alphinaud from Final Fantasy XIV.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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