Director Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa Leave ‘The Crow’ Remake

It is fairly common for major motion pictures to require long amounts of time to plan for their filming, especially when they are dealing with pre-existing licensed properties. The Crow remake has been one of the films most notorious for being stuck in its development cycle, suffering from several different creative leads departing from the project for various reasons. Now, it seems that this overturning of key cast and crew members has occurred once more, as it is being reported that Director Corin Hardy and lead star Jason Momoa have exited The Crow remake project.

Deadline has reported on the latest in the long line of departures from The Crow remake project. Their sources claimed that Director Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa, who was set to play the titular role, withdrew from the film this week due to conflicts with Samuel Hadida of Davis Films. This feud with the company providing the financing for the film and holding the film rights to The Crow comes at a very unfortunate time, as production for the film was ready to begin in Budapest in little more than a month. The film has fluctuated with directors and actors since 2008, with names such as Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Norman Reedus and Jack Huston all attached to the project at various points.

The Crow was originally a comic book released in 1989, but is perhaps best known for its 1994 film adaptation starring Brandon Lee, who tragically died during the production of the film. Hardy is currently finishing up his directing work on The Conjuring spinoff film The Nun, set to release later this year, while Momoa will be starring in the upcoming Aquaman DCEU solo film. While it is a shame to see the production on this elusive film halted once more, fans waiting for it have certainly become used to this scenario several times already.

Let’s hope that one day soon though that The Crow takes flight once more. What do you guys think about Director Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa leaving The Crow remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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