Deaf Destiny 2 Clan Triumphs Over The Leviathan Raid Using Ingenious Technique

Fans of the Bungie first-person shooter know, that the final boss of Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid requires a whole lot of communication. With that in mind, it’s really impressive how this 11 member deaf Destiny 2 clan was able to take down the boss Calus, using some pretty ingenious techniques.

This deaf Destiny 2 clan is named deaferroralwaysfamous and managed to accomplish this feat using pre-typed signals on their Glide video chat app, plus in-game signs that helped coordinate their attack on Calus. As players well know, at a certain point of the boss fight, Calus starts flashing symbols on his forehead and 3 “Readers”, who are in an alternate realm, must call them out as quick as possible. This lets the “Puncher” know the correct attack to use, so that would obviously be a challenge for a group who can not hear, but that didn’t stop them from kicking ass!

deaf destiny 2 clan

A clan admin by the tag Ic3bear76 explained how the deaf Destiny 2 clan managed to get past the obstacle of reading the symbols out loud. They used the Glide app to signal letters that coordinated with the shapes like A for axe, C for cup, etc and as the 3 people type the letters out, the Puncher then knows what to do. One redditor by the name BROSHAMBO, made a good point saying, “Your method is actually probably more efficient than people actually talking and saying it. Most of the time we talk over one another and can’t hear what people are calling out anyways or the microphones will cut out.”

As for the Gauntlet part of the raid, the clan managed to overcome the communication issues by having the ballcarriers jump to signal shooting the top gate, wave for the middle gate, and crouch for the bottom gate. According to Ic3bear76, “Gauntlet and dogs are actually easier for us really”.

Congratulations to the deaf Destiny 2 clan deaferroralwaysfamous aka D.E.A.F.! What do you think of their way of handling Calus like champs? Let us know in the comment section below and then make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date with all the hottest gaming and entertainment new 24/7!

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