Five More Xbox 360 Titles Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

In addition to the huge list of original Xbox titles which were recently announced for the backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One, Microsoft has revealed five more Xbox 360 titles to add into the mix and it includes 4 arcade style games. First up is 0 day Attack on Earth, though the title is a bit funky and oddly capitalized, players gain control of aircraft in a futuristic society where humans struggle against the invasion of gigantic, alien enemies. This arcade shooter includes over 20 stages taking place in three different cities of Tokyo, and gamers can even enjoy it online with others. There’s 4 and 8-player co-op available.

In Deadfall Adventures, take on the role of adventurer James Lee Quatermain, a “descendent of the legendary…Allan Quatermain”, who must team up with the US government to retrieve a valuable and potentially dangerous artifact before it makes it into the hands of Nazis or Russians. Unfortunately, it’s not intact. The player must seek out each piece of the artifact by scouring Earth, and that means traveling to such places like Europe, the Arctic, the ruins of the Maya, and more. Get ready for puzzles, traps, and hidden treasures!

Ready for a Girl Fight? One of the Xbox 360 titles includes this unique game that throws eight “fierce females with psychic powers” head-to-head in combat within a mysterious scientific research facility. Use special abilities and physical combat to perform special moves and combos. There are different costumes, stories, and abilities to unlock throughout gameplay. There’s “sexy illustrations” of the female fighters as well. Online play features 1-2 players fighting against each other.

Mutant Storm, on the other hand, is a single player action-adventure shooter. Make your way through a “mutant-filled room” by shooting them down with the honorable mission of saving humanity from extinction. As players make their way through the endless waves of enemies, collect weapon upgrades to make yourself more powerful. Players can earn bonuses for clearing out a room in good time, but it won’t be too easy – there will be obstacles standing in the way as well.

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Then there’s the adorable family friendly puzzle game called Yosumin! LIVE. Get ready to get square with this brightly colored tile-matching game. Known as Yosumin, players interact with squares so they line up with their like color, and it includes cooperative play for wholesome family bonding. If you want things to get competitive, there’s even online battle modes to duke it out with like-minded gamers. Who said it was just for kids?

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