Detroit Become Human Creator Sings The Praises Of Sony, Discusses Creative Freedom

Later this week, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to own Detroit: Become Human –the latest ambitious game by Quantic Dream. The French developer behind incredible games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls was founded by David Cage in 1997. The adventures directed by Cage have been well known for their cinematic-qualities and unique ways of allowing for player choice in regards to the game’s narrative. His last few titles have notably been PlayStation exclusive games, leaving many to question how influential Sony is in the their decisions. Now, a new David Cage interview has illuminated the relationship between Sony and the existential developer.

The new David Cage interview with French website Les Numeriques was released to promote the release of Detroit: Become Human. Much of the interview was spent asking Cage about coming up with the idea for the game and choosing the sci-fi genre, which led to a question regarding the influence Sony has on Quantic Dream’s choices. When asked why they have lasted so long as a developer with only five games developed over two decades, Cage attributed their success heavily to Sony, saying:

We’ve always had the chance to meet publishers who believed in us. This has been the case with Sony for 12 years now. This is also due to the fact that we’ve never made sequels of our games. We’ve always worked on new games, with new engines. We don’t want to have an industrial logic. We see ourselves as craftsmen.”

This would seem to indicate that Sony gives Quantic Dream a great amount of freedom to make the games that they have envisioned. This is further reflected with Cage confirming that Sony does not mandate for any specific actors to be in their games, saying “They never imposed anything on us. It’s always been the decisions of the studio. We seek the talent on our own.”

Cage also mentioned that Sony has not even presented Quantic Dream with a demand for a sequel to Heavy Rain, arguably the most popular game the developer has made with Sony. “We want to invent new things, to try new stories. It’s an atypical adventure. It’s a luxury with maximum freedom,” says Cage. It is encouraging to see that Sony does not hold a tight leash on Quantic Dream, and hopefully Detroit: Become Human upholds the tradition that their team has made with presenting game narratives in innovative ways. What do you guys think about this David Cage interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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