sephiroth final fantasy 7 feat

Final Fantasy VII Remake Hands-On Impressions (VIDEO)

The Final Fantasy VII remake is the next launch by Square Enix that franchise fans are sitting on the edge of their seats for. Originally launched in 1997 in all…

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Epic Games Announces 8 New Epic Games Store Exclusives (VIDEO)

Epic Announces 8 New Epic Games Store Exclusives (VIDEO)

The Epic Games Store has been a polarizing topic in the gaming world. On the one hand, many devs are signing deals that will enable them to fund future projects…

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Life Is Strange 2: Hands-On Impression – A Familiar New Adventure

It’s safe to say that fans of Life Is Strange are looking forward to its titular sequel. From the narrative-driven journey centered around Max Caulfield and Chloe Price comes Life…

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Fortnite Adds New Grappling Hook Item In New Limited-Time Mode (VIDEO)

PAX West 2018 has come to a close and plenty of new and exciting things are happening in the future of games. Aside from the overwhelming amount of Fortnite fans…

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Anthem Demo Release Date Revealed

Anthem Demo Release Date Revealed

BioWare has a massive project cooking at the moment in Anthem. The sprawling RPG is one that presents endless promise following recent showcases of story campaign, character customization, as well…

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Anthem Matchmaking Confirmed For All Online Content

For the first time since its announcement, BioWare divulged huge news pertaining to Anthem’s story. Last month, developer Mark Darrah announced their plans to reveal the first bits of juicy…

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Pax West 2018 Praey For The Gods

PAX West 2018: Gods, Co-Op, and Pizza Mechs in the PAX 10

All of the big games you can’t wait for came to PAX West 2018 to show off demos. Spider-Man PS4, The Division 2, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey blew me away,…

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PAX West Responds To Security Concerns Following Devastating Madden Shooting

People are asking important safety questions and there’s good reason for it. Following the devastating and absolutely heartbreaking incident that took place in Jacksonville, Florida. During the Madden Championship Series…

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Dauntless Closed Beta

The Dauntless Closed Beta Has Launched With a New Trailer Release (VIDEO)

Recently, the Dauntless closed beta opened to those who have a copy of the early access Founder’s Pack. The free-to-play action cooperative pits those who play against giant monsters. Players will…

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