Chelsea Cain Quits Twitter After Online Harassment over Mockingbird Cover


This week hasn’t been the easiest for author Chelsea Cain. First, Marvel announces that they are canceling her book “Mockingbird”, a short run series staring SHIELD Operative Barbara Morse, AKA Mockingbird, where she spends her time being a spy and shares some of her personal insights on acquiring powers and the challenges she faces in her line of work.


Harassment began shortly after the release of the book on the 19th, which features Mockingbird in a shirt that says “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda“, a not too surprising theme for anyone who has kept up with the series. Chelsea Cain tried at first to handle the harassment, but eventually removed herself from twitter all together, stating that she had never experienced this kind of harassment in all the years she has written.

MockingbirdAn out pouring show of support and added anger has ensued since she left twitter, fueling the flames and bringing out some bigger names in the comic industry and coining the hashtag #StandWithChelseaCain.

The support  from fans and people in the industry is not without criticism, and some fans have their own feelings on the subject. Expressing disdain for politics in comics, cited the poor quality of writing they felt lead to the cancellation of Mockingbird, and even accused Cain of using the book as a platform for her own agenda.

Whether the statement belongs on the cover, the consensus seems to be that this is an issue not uncommon in the comic-book industry, and that the harassment was unfounded.

The final issue of Mockingbird came out October 19th and can be found online at at comic stores near you.

What do you think about this issue? Does it hold weight? Let us know in the comments below and stick with Don’t Feed The Gamers as this story continues to unfold!

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