New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Video Drops – Exploration and Discovery (VIDEO)

It’s the month of March and fans of the Mass Effect franchise knows what that means! Andromeda is almost here and with the approaching launch date comes a wave of…

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gdc 2017

PC Version of Final Fantasy XV Gets Teased at GDC 2017 (VIDEO)

If you are going to show off your company’s powerful new video card, what better way to do that then to have it run a visually stunning, best-selling game like…

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Shell movie clip

New Ghost in the Shell Movie Clip Shows Scarlett Johansson Waking Up (VIDEO)

For the past several months, Ghost in the Shell fans have been scouring the many media platforms that have given glimpses of the new film adaptation of the beloved manga….

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‘TRON 3’ Production Status and Story Ideas Make Find Way Out of The Grid (INTERVIEW)

TRON! While it may not happen anytime soon, fans finally have some news about the next installment of the Tron movie series. These new details about TRON 3 come from…

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Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate Wipes the Floor With Superman in New Injustice 2 Character Trailer (VIDEO)

NetherRealm Studios has revealed the newest roster addition to their DC fighting game Injustice 2 – the master of magic Doctor Fate! Sporting his comics-accurate gold and blue costume, the footage shows off the character’s…

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Eddy Gordo Confirmed for Tekken 7 in New Character Reveal Trailer (VIDEO)

Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment North America has confirmed Eddy Gordo for Tekken 7 in an all new character reveal trailer. This isn’t the first time most Tekken fans have seen…

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New Overwatch Hero Revealed – Meet Orisa, the Newest Tank-Class Added to the Roster (VIDEO)

“Everyone else gave up on you, but I saw what you could be.” After weeks and weeks of teasers from the Blizzard camp, they have finally revealed their latest hero…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Exploration

Exploration in Mass Effect: Andromeda Teased – New Trailer Dropping Tomorrow (VIDEO)

We are now within a month of Mass Effect: Andromeda dropping, and we still can’t help but love being teased about the glorious upcoming title. February seemed to be the…

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New Hearthstone Expansion Will Take You on a “Journey To Un’Goro” (VIDEO)

A new expansion for the popular strategy card game Hearthstone has been recently announced by Blizzard. Journey to Un’Goro is planned to launch in “early April” and will be the…

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Ubisoft Avatar Game

New Ubisoft Avatar Game by The Division Developer Announced (VIDEO)

Despite the most recent (and only) Avatar film releasing 8 years ago, James Cameron has slowly been cultivating several different projects that will engross audiences in the blue-cat alien-populated world…

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