Cat Quest 2 Trailers Reveal New Gameplay Footage, PC Release Date (VIDEO)

Cat Quest 2

The RPG has been a staple for the video game industry as far back as anyone can recall. The slower-paced requirements for these stat-based games make it easier for developers to create new worlds, build character dynamics and tell longer stories. However, this also means that many different creators will stick with the tried and true elements found in RPGs, making it difficult to stand out in the crowded market. Unless you are a time-tested RPG series like Dragon Quest, a hook or gimmick is needed to attract audiences. The first Cat Quest game manages to do this with its proliferated use of cat culture and pun humor, and now it looks like the sequel will continue this trend. The newly released Cat Quest 2 trailers reveal the sequel’s release date and new gameplay mechanics.

Indie Developer Gentlebros Games recently released several new Cat Quest 2 trailers that provide many details about the new entry in the franchise. The first game delighted many with its witty humor and charming characters. This new game promises to expand upon the concepts of the first by introducing more types of environments and dungeons. It has also been confirmed that dogs will be introduced as playable characters as well.

The combat system will also see more weapon types and spells, making the types of strategies that can be applied only greater in number. Perhaps the biggest inclusion is a new co-op mode, where players will be able to have a friend join them in the furry action. Cat Quest 2 will launch on PC through Steam on September 24th and has been promised for release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this autumn. Hopefully, console-owning cat fans will find a nice ball of yarn to keep themselves occupied until then.

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