New Call of Duty Mobile Details Highlight Maps, Modes, and Scorestreaks (VIDEO)

New Call of Duty Mobile Details Highlight Maps, Modes, and Scorestreaks (VIDEO)

It’s been a while since we last heard about the Call of Duty franchise’s next big jump into the mobile market, the aptly-titled Call of Duty Mobile. By the looks of things, Activision is offering an experience not too unlike the standard COD experience, the shooter having even teased a presence of Black Ops 4‘s Blackout battle royale mode. Ahead of the upcoming Beta launch of Call of Duty Mobile, new details about the game have now been revealed, highlighting aspects such as maps, game modes, and scorestreaks.

A few popular maps were previously unveiled for the Mobile game, including the likes of Hijacked from Black Ops 2 as well as the endlessly replayable Nuketown. However, five more maps have now been confirmed, the lineup adding Crossfire, Crash, and Killhouse from the original Modern Warfare,  Standoff from Black Ops 2, as well as Firing Range from the first Black Ops. A rundown of each new Call of Duty Mobile locale can be read below.

  • Crossfire: “Small desert town. Intense interior fighting and strong firefights.” Bring your sniper rifle in this compact street fight; the Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare map is revisited, with cramped and confined structures (where shotguns are a good choice) are flanked by two taller buildings at each end of this Z-shaped thoroughfare.
  • Standoff: “Border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Classic engagements and desintations to fight over.”Also known to Black Ops III fans as Outlaw, this map which originally debuted in Black Ops II offers a variety of tight hiding spots, upper structures that favor the long-range weapon wrangler, and a main compound with a walled perimeter to infiltrate in a variety of gameplay styles.
  • Crash: “Downed Sea Knight in a desert town. Fantastic team games.” A classic Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare map, this well-loved map features blind corners, a crashed chopper, rusty barrels, narrow streets overlooked by shelled-out buildings as well as rooftop sniping positions. Expect quick and deadly action during Multiplayer matches here.
  • Killhouse: “Speedball style warehouse interior. Great for small teams.” If you’re wanting an almost symmetrical map with a central lookout tower, and have a penchant for rapid takedowns where shotguns can take precedence, practice on Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare’s Killhouse. This warehouse offers multiple wooden and concrete hiding spots, and almost constant action.
  • Firing Range: “Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games.” Journey to Cuba in this reworking of an original Black Ops map, seen most recently in Black Ops 4. Corrugated and wooden sheds, long, ruined structures, a muddy courtyard and rusting equipment, abandoned in the hot sun, make this a classic and chaotic map.

Also fleshed out a bit were Mobile’s game modes, many of which should be familiar inclusions to even the most casual of COD players. Able to establish regular, private as well as ranked matches, the five modes listed below are slated for launch; Free-For-All supporting 8 simultaneous players and the remaining Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination modes allowing a player count of up to 10 at a time.

  • Free-For-All: The classic every-player-for-themselves deathmatch.
  • Frontline: After spawning at a team base, defeat players on the opposing team.
  • Team Deathmatch: The classic defeat-players-on-the-opposing-team mode.
  • Hardpoint: Capture and hold the hardpoint to earn points.
  • Domination: Capture and hold the designated positions to gain points.

More tactical COD players may also take notice of the return of Scorestreak rewards to Call of Duty Mobile. Provided that players have acquired an adequately choice score, up to 3 slots of devastating offensive equipment can be unlocked for use on the battlefield. A list of confirmed Scorestreak perks in the like of Missile Strikes, Air Supply Drops, and Sentry Guns can be seen below.

  • Recon Car
  • UAV
  • Hunter Killer Drone
  • Air Supply Drop
  • Counter UAV
  • Missile Strike
  • Drone
  • Sentry Gun
  • SAM Turret
  • Stealth Chopper
  • VTOL

Lastly, Activision laid out the setting menu for players making the jump to Call of Duty Mobile, allowing tweaks like sprint toggling, movement sensitivity, Gyroscope control, and Camera Field of Vision, just to name a few. Additionally, two particular presets were given particular showcase: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. The former sets the game up for the easiest (and most bullet-eating) control scheme imaginable, the player auto-firing as soon as an enemy passes into crosshairs. The latter allows for a more “advanced” means of combat, granting manual firing as well as HUD customization and optional auto-fire settings based on range and weapon type.

Those interested in reading the new details in full can check out Activision’s extensive Call of Duty Mobile blog post.

While Call of Duty Mobile has not have received a full launch as of yet, the game is currently out in India for it’s inaugural beta session. More regions such as Australia are set to follow soon, but there’s currently no specific timeframe when they’re expected to go live. On the bright side, there’s a new trailer out, giving us at least something to check out while we wait for the eventual stateside release.

Call of Duty Mobile is expected to fully release for Android and iOS devices later this year.

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