Cadence Of Hyrule DLC Packs Revealed, Character Pack Available Now (VIDEO)

Cadence of Hyrule DLC

With the cancellation of E3 this year, the biggest gaming publishers have opted to make their big new announcements through digital events. One game that fans have been wanting to hear more about has been Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer. The rhythm game spinoff of The Legend of Zelda surprised many with its announcement last year, but delighted many upon its launch. Its players have wondered if there might be any DLC on the way, and now their desires will be fulfilled. Nintendo has unveiled three new Cadence of Hyrule DLC packs that bring new Legend of Zelda characters, songs, and maps to the game.

Nintendo released their announcement of the Cadence of Hyrule DLC packs on their official YouTube channel as a part of the recent Nintendo Direct Mini digital presentation. It is confirmed that three new DLC packs will be released for the game, with a season pass that includes all three. The first DLC pack is a character pack that makes Impa, Aria, Frederick, Shadow Link, and Shadow Zelda playable characters in the game. Nintendo confirmed that this DLC pack is already available now in the game for players to access.

The second Cadence of Hyrule DLC pack will add 39 songs to the game, and the third DLC pack is called Symphony of the Mask. It will revolve around Skull Kid, and will include a new story, map, and songs. Both of these DLC packs will be arriving some time before the end of October. Nintendo also announced that a physical edition of the game, including each of the three DLC packs, will be available at retail stores on October 23rd. This is quite a lot of new content to add to the game, and hopefully for Cadence of Hyrule players, it’s enough to keep the music playing until the moon comes crashing down on Termina.

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